The 00individual Counter-Culture Compendium 1960’s and 1970’s Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll Volume 1: The 1960s

On this historical journey through the ‘60s and the ‘70s 00individual has opted to take the high road – with only a few dangerous side trips – to reveal the daily truths learned, the outrageous fun, the positive contributions, and the unified Vibe that Hippies, Students, Rockers, Individuals, and the Counter-Culture lived, promoted and experienced.  They were part of a positive force that would jolt society out of its traditional doldrums into a history-making epoch never seen before, or since.             

This significant, insightful, entertaining, and educational Three Volume Compendium uses personally reviewed historic ‘60s and ‘70s Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll Cultural events to reveal and reflect the spirit of the times; and was designed to be of beneficial use as:

  • A factual reference and in-depth source of information on Historic and Classic Concerts, Albums, Events, and of the Hippie, Pop, Rock, Drug, and Counter-Cultures.
  • A chronological journal of Counter-Culture life in Los Angeles and West Coast Beach Communities during the early ‘60s up through the mid-to-late ‘70s.
  • An easily categorized source for ‘60s preference, interests, and research. Five categories cover and detail historic topics, events, and pertinent era subjects.
  • A portal to a world of further knowledge, as each Volume is loaded with internal and external links and search terms.